MEA Executive Board Nominations

The Media Ecology Association’s Executive Board includes members elected by the Association’s membership. Each year, three to four positions on the MEA’s Board come up for election/re-election, and you may nominate a member, or volunteer yourself as a nominee. You do not need to have prior board experience (of any type) to be nominated and elected to the board.

There are four elected positions to be filled this year:

  • Vice President Elect (1-year term): The Vice President Elect shall be elected by the general membership annually, and shall serve a four-year period of service. In the second year, the Vice President Elect will succeed to the office of Vice President, in the third year to the office of President, and in the fourth year to the office of Immediate Past President. The Vice President shall serve as the officer in charge of the annual convention and will either provide the site to host the convention, or will work in conjunction with the site host. Should the Office of the President become vacant after the conclusion of the annual convention, the Vice President shall succeed to the presidency immediately. Prior to the convention, the Immediate Past President takes on the role of President if need be. Finally, the Vice President Elect serves as the MEA’s liaison to other professional organizations, such as the Institute of General Semantics and the Canadian Communication Association, and ensures our presence and participation in their events.
  • Recording Secretary (1-year term): This is a yearly elected position. The term is for one year. Besides the duties listed below for the member-at-large, the Recording secretary records, collects, and disseminates the discussions, activities, and reports of the MEA Board meetings.
  • Newsletter Editor (1-year term): This is a yearly elected position. The term is for one year. Besides the duties listed below for the member-at-large, the Newsletter Editor compiles, edits and disseminates the association’s newsletter, In Medias Res.
  • Member-at-Large (3-year term): This position runs for three years. Members at large help to promote the activities of the association, assist in the MEA’s legal and fiduciary matters, help to establish policies and direction and review programs which promote the aims of the Association, and help to recruit officer candidates for succession planning.

Nominations are open until September 16, 2024. Nominees must be MEA members in good standing and will be asked to provide a brief (100–150 word) statement about themselves and their interest in the MEA for inclusion on the ballot.

Voting will take place in October 2024 online. MEA members will receive an email with further details.

Results will be reported by the end of October 2024. Those elected will start their terms of office in January 2025 and should make plans to attend the Executive Board Meeting in New York City at that time. The MEA will reimburse board members for travel expenses.

Send nominations or self-nominations to our Executive Secretary Fernando Gutiérrez at

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