EME Vol. 2 No. 1

The Journal of the Media Ecology Association

Volume 2 • Number 1 • 2003


Ubiquitous Technology in the Media Age and the Idea of Sustainability
      Gary Gumpert and Susan Drucker
Cell Phone Symposium

Cell Phone as Probe
      Janet Sternberg
The Cell Phone as Environment
      Lance Strate
How to Quit Smoking Using Only Your Cell Phone
      Read Mercer Schuchardt
From Slave Ships to September 11 to Russian Theater Siege
      Donna Flayhan

Oralism to Online Thinking
      Walter J. Ong, S.J.
Orality and Literacy
      Judith Yaross Lee
Who's the Rat?
      Douglass Rushkoff
Commercialized War: A Mediated End to Violence
      Erik P. Bucy


The Soft Edge: A Natural History and Future of the Information Revolution      (Levinson)
      Paul Kelly
The Sixth Language: Learning a Living in the Internet Age (Logan)
      Frank Zingrone
The Virtual Marshall McLuhan (Theall)
      James Morrison

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