Joining the Media Ecology Association

How to Join
Why Join MEA?
Membership Benefits

Membership Status
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How to Join

Annual dues for 2017 are as follows:

Category   Amount

Student *   US$50
Regular   US$100
Sustaining (Membership + Convention Registration)   US$175
Institutional   US$200
* Full-time students only; please include a photocopy of your full-time student card


Membership extends from January 1 through December 31 annually.

If you wish to submit your membership via check and postal mail, you may download a PDF version of the membership form.


Why Join MEA?

If you are interested in

  • the nature, history, and impact of technology, media, and symbol systems;
  • the study of communication, consciousness, and culture;
  • technological determinism, media evolution, information, and cybernetics;
  • the study of media codes, media literacy, and media education;
  • orality, literacy, secondary orality, and postliteracy;
  • oral, scribal, typographic, and electronic cultures;
  • the graphic revolution and image culture;
  • scholars such as Marshall McLuhan, Harold Innis, Walter Ong, Neil Postman, Lewis Mumford, and Jacques Ellul;

then you should be a member of the Media Ecology Association.


Membership Benefits

You don’t have to be an academic to join. Although many of our members are academics or researchers, our membership includes a doctor, lawyer, minister, and city councilor, along with professional television producers and designers and quite a few people working in the Internet arena.

Convention fees are as follows:

  • Regular Member Convention Pre-registration US$75
  • Regular Member Convention Onsite Registration US$100
  • Student Member Convention Registration US$40
  • Non-member Convention Registration US$200
  • Student Non-member Convention Registration US$50

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