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2017 Awards

The Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology:

Tim Wu for The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads

About Tim

[Tim Wu is a professor at Columbia Law School, and a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times. He is best known for his work on Net Neutrality theory. He is author of the books The Master Switch, and The Attention Merchants, along with Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination, and other works. In 2013 he was named one of America’s 100 Most Influential Lawyers, and in 2017 he was named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences…]

The Walter Benjamin Award for Outstanding Article in the Field of Media Ecology:

Brett Lunceford for Chained to the Dialer, or Frederick Taylor Reaches out and Touches Someone

About Brett

[Brett was born in California and has lived up and down the West coast, as well as the East coast and the Gulf coast. He has worked as a technical editor in the cable internet industry, a video editor, a collections agent, a pizza maker, a certified nurse’s aide, and a whole lot of other things. In his free time he enjoys creating experimental music. He performs noise and dark ambient music under the names Stolen Light and Goose, respectively. Between the two projects he has over thirty releases and tracks on compilations from all over the world. When he is not creating his own music, he reviews experimental music for the webzine ChainDLK. He is also an avid cook…]

The Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction:

Gary T. Marx for Windows into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in an Age of high Technology

About Gary

[Gary T. Marx is Professor Emeritus from M.I.T. He has worked in the areas of race and ethnicity, collective behavior and social movements, law and society and surveillance studies. He is the author of Protest and Prejudice, Undercover: Police Surveillance in America, Windows Into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in an Age of High technology, and Collective Behavior and Social Movements (with Doug McAdam); and editor of Racial Conflict: Tension and Change in American Society, Muckraking Sociology, Undercover: Police Surveillance in Comparative Perspective (with C. Fijnaut) and other books…]

The Susanne K. Langer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Symbolic Form:

Katherine Biers for Virtual Modernism: Writing and Technology in the Progressive Era

About Katherine

[Katherine Biers specializes in 19th- and 20th-century American literature, culture and media studies. Fields of interest also include theatre, pragmatism, aesthetics, political theory and theories of emotion. She is the author of Virtual Modernism: Writing and Technology in the Progressive Era (U Minnesota Press, October 2013), a study of the idea of the virtual in pre-WWI American literature, philosophy and media culture. Her articles and reviews appear in Representations and Textual Practice and in several edited collections.]

The Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Culture to:

Alex Marland for Brand Command: Canadian Politics and Democracy in the Age of Message Control

About Alex

[Alex Marland’s research and teaching centres on political marketing, public policy, electioneering and political elites in Canada. Before entering academia he worked in Ottawa and in St. John’s in government, media relations and opinion research. He is the co-editor, with Thierry Giasson (Laval), of the UBC Press series Communication, Strategy, and Politics. His book Brand Command won the Donner Prize for best public policy book by a Canadian.]

The Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics:

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun for Updating to Remain the Same: Habitual New Media

About Wendy

[Wendy Hui Kyong Chun Wendy Hui Kyong Chun is Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. She has studied both Systems Design Engineering and English Literature, which she combines and mutates in her current work on digital media. She is author of Control and Freedom: Power and Paranoia in the Age of Fiber Optics (MIT, 2006), Programmed Visions: Software and Memory (MIT 2011), and Updating to Remain the Same: Habitual New Media (MIT 2016).]

The Harold A. Innis Award for Outstanding Thesis or Dissertation in the Field of Media Ecology:

David Benjamin Landes for The Attention Situation: A Rhetorical Theory of Attention for Mediated Communication

About David

[David Benjamin Landes research forms of attention from a qualitative-humanistic perspective. His case studies come from public phenomena’s (e.g. media technologies, language) shaping of consciousness and action. The knowledge produced challenges reigning mythologies and suggests improved practices, especially for how we can attend (and thus sense, think, and communicate) more fittingly to today’s changing environments.]

The Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fictional Work:

Natasha Stagg for Surveys: A Novel

About Natasha

[Natasha Stagg is a senior editor at the fashion magazines V and VMAN. She has received a Hopwood Award for nonfiction and the Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship and the James H. Robertson Award for fiction. Her essays have appeared in Dis magazine, Dazed, Kaleidoscope, Riot of Perfume, Sex, The Brooklyn Rail, and Bomb. She lives in Brooklyn.]

The John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology:

Lawrence Azerrad, Tim Daly, and David Pescovitz for Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition

Lawrence, Tim, and David

[David Pescovitz, a research director at Institute for the Future and co-editor of Boing Boing, teamed up with Timothy Daly, a manager at Amoeba Music in San Francisco, and Lawrence Azerrad, a graphic designer who has created album packages for Wilco, Miles Davis, and Sting to produce a 40th Anniversary edition vinyl box set of the Voyager Golden Record.]

The Louis Forsdale Award for Outstanding Educator in the Field of Media Ecology:

Stephanie Gibson

About Stephanie

[Stephanie is a teacher with a doctorate in Media Ecology and particular interest in the interaction between communication environments and cultural assumptions. She specializes in television but also consider the enormous variety of activities in other arenas.]

The Jacques Ellul Award for Outstanding Media Ecology Activism:

Senator Bernie Sanders

About Bernie

[Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator from Vermont. In 2006, he was elected to the U.S. Senate after 16 years as Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives. Bernie is now serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote.]

The James W. Carey Award for Outstanding Media Ecology Journalism:

Kevin Kelly

About Kevin

[Kevin Kelly is Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first seven years. His new book for Viking/Penguin is called The Inevitable, which is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He is also founding editor and co-publisher of the popular Cool Tools website, which has been reviewing tools daily since 2003.]

The Christine L. Nystrom Award for Career Achievement in Service to the Field of Media Ecology:

Paul Soukup

About Paul

[Paul Soukup, S.J., serves as the head of the Communication Department, teaches courses in technology and communication, and does research on religious communication. He has authored or edited a number of books and works with both the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the American Bible Society on communication issues.]

The Edmund S. Carpenter Award for Career Achievement in Editing in the Field of Media Ecology:

Edward Tywoniak

About Edward

[Edward Tywoniak is Associate Professor of Communication and Chair of the department of Communication at Saint Mary’s College of California where he has served on the faculty in the School of Liberal Arts for over 30 years. Prof. Tywoniak also holds the position of Faculty Fellow for Curriculum and Technology, and is Senior Research Fellow and Director of the W. M. Keck Digital Culture Research Lab. Dr. Tywoniak completed undergraduate studies at Saint Mary’s in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He went on to earn an MFA in Electronic Music Composition from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Technology from the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco.]

The Walter J. Ong Award for Career Achievement in Scholarship:

Paul Heyer

About Paul

[Paul Heyer is professor of communication studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. His published works include Communications and History; The Medium and the Magician: Orson Welles-the Radio Years; and a coedited textbook, Communication in History: Technology, Culture, Society.]

The Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity:

Scott McCloud

About Scott

[Scott McCloud is an American cartoonist and comics theorist. He is best known for his non-fiction books about comics, Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and Making Comics. More information here]

The MEA Convention Top Paper Award:

Dennis Cali for Sacramental View of McLuhan, Ong, and Carey

About Dennis

[Dennis Cali serves as Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication. Dr. Cali teaches in the areas of media ecology, rhetorical criticism, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, media literacy, and media ethics.]

The Linda Elson Scholar Award for the Top Student Paper:

Joni McBeth Turville for If Email Could Speak, What Would It Say? Interviewing Objects in a Digital World

About Joni

[Joni McBeth Turville works in teacher professional development across Alberta. Her research interests are diverse, ranging from educational technology to inclusive education. Her current research examines the impact of digital technologies on pedagogical relationships and communication in K-12 schools.]